Empower Veterans With A
Hand Up vs. A Handout.

Our Mission

To provide health and wellness services to over 88,000 veterans living in Palm Beach county where 20% are currently suffering from POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS (PTS).

What We Offer To Our Nation's Heroes


We assist veterans in reconnecting with their community so they can find their new tribe and a sense of service beyond self.

Mental Wellness

We assist veterans in overcoming anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and provide them the tools needed for life long mental resiliency.

Physical Wellness

We want veterans to realize their full potential and have the necessary physical strength to pursue their goals.

The Healing Process

Veteran 2.0 is a 6 month healing program specifically designed to address the growing number of veteran suicides in our nation by assisting veterans here in  Palm Beach and Broward Counties.

In Processing
(Week 1)

Tour of Trainerspace & HOW Foundations
Introduction to Unified Dream, Styku & CNSVS Intake Interview

Wellness Training
(Week 2-20)

Physical Training (3x/wk) Mindfulness Training Health Coaching Styku

Wellness Check
(Week 21)

Group Determination

Wellness Training
(Week 21-25)

Physical Training (Group 1) Mindfulness Training
HBOT (Group 2)
Unified Dream Pairing

Out Processing
(Week 25)

Styku & CNSVS Exit Interviews Volunteering

Follow Up Survery

Forming Partnerships To Solve The Suicide Crisis

Veteran 2.0 is a collaborative effort to solve one of the nations greatest dilemmas (veteran related suicides). This partnership is about our veterans and their needs, because helping veterans is bigger than any one organization. And, we are all helping the same population.

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