Episode 1: In the Beginning

Welcome to Veteran 2.0, the Trainerspace Foundations first ever dedicated podcast series! In this series, we will be diving into the recurring issues within the military and the veteran communities. Veteran 2.0 is a podcast production in which we here at the Trainerspace Foundation promote Veteran entrepreneurs, their business, and achievements while developing key relationships with our fellow “veterapreneurs” and discuss and develop strategies to combat Veteran Suicide, Post Traumatic Stress, and help the veteran transition.

Today’s podcast features Cary Reichbach the founder of Trainerspace “a facility that is meant to be a comprehensive resource designed to challenge your physical and mental limits in a way that is fun, inspiring, and keeps you accountable.”Mr. Reichbach is also the founder of  The Trainerspace Foundation ” a nonprofit that was established in December of 2016 to show veterans across America that there is a life after the military.”

Also our host Logan Skees a former U.S. Marine Corman. Mr. Skees co-developed both Trainerspace, Trainerspace Foundation, and Veteran 2.0. His dedication towards his fellow service members motivated him to start one of the most successful companies and a carrying nonprofit to show each current and former members of the armed forces that there is more after your time in the military.

You can learn more about our host and Mr. Reichbach by visiting our about page.

If you would like to get involved and donate today to help veterans across America please visit The Trainerspace Foundation Today!

We hope you enjoy the first episode of the only veteran ran podcast here on Veteran 2.0.

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